my clients speak

"Valentina really empowered me to analyze my reality and then change it to meet my needs. I realized that I can be the driver of my own path. Her support made me take my dreams into action. I will be forever thankful for her help in a very fragile moment of my life."

           -- Nancy B.

"Valentina encompasses all of the abilities that one would want in a good therapist. She is intuitive, encouraging, and empathetic while at the same time helping her clients to utilize the tools they need to in order to thrive. I highly recommend."
         -- Mariel B.


professional references

"As Chair of the Department of Family Therapy, I can attest that Valentina was an excellent student and went beyond the course requirements to read, educate, and advance herself in multiple ways throughout her program; thus, becoming well prepared to practice as a honest and caring mental health professional, practicing with the highest level of honesty and integrity.   Valentina has worked in the mental health field and utilized her knowledge and learning for a number of years within a variety of settings and across multiple populations."  -  Tommie V. Boyd, Ph.D., Chair, Department of Family Therapy/ Administrator, Family Systems Health Care Programs at Nova Southeastern University/ President, Florida Association for Marital and Family Therapy

“Valentina is an experienced psychotherapist. She incorporates psychotherapeutic approaches and methodologies based on a range of traditions, including solution focused brief therapy, narrative therapy, yoga and stress management, cognitive behavioral and systemic psychotherapies. Her multidisciplinary approach and work within the context of the individual's life make Valentina skilled in the assessment and treatment of adolescents and adults, and is a well trained clinician.  She tailors her approach to the individual’s needs and works in a way that results in positive changes in the client’s life. "  -   Susan Lax, Psychiatric Mental Health Nurse Practitioner, Brookline Community Mental Health Center.  Reported to Valentina at Wayside Youth & Family Support Network

"Valentina has demonstrated that she is sensitive to the needs of her clients.  She has been able to build rapport and maintain trust.  Valentina is very much aware of the cultural needs of her clients and has been responsive to utilizing interventions that are appropriate.  She has repeatedly demonstrated that she is willing to work with the client and meet them where they are currently, as well as assist them in their individual goal for treatment by challenging them and monitoring their progress.  She has utilized interventions that assist the client in decreasing the presenting symptoms as well as providing a connection with their current emotional experiences."  -  Anna Aithal, Psy.D., Supervised Valentina at Didi Hirsch Community Mental Health Center in Los Angeles, California

"Valentina's skills as a mental health counselor were very good. Her psychosocial and diagnostic assessments were thorough and demonstrated an excellent understanding of diagnoses and medical necessity criteria.  She demonstrated good conceptual understanding of the needs of her clients. Her treatment plans were specific with measurable objectives.  Her clinical documentation skills were among the best in the outpatient staff I supervised, and I used her written work as examples when I taught clinical documentation skills.  In addition, Valentina provided good therapeutic interventions to her clients, including solid risk assessments and crisis intervention services when appropriate.  Client feedback about her services was positive.  As a Program Director, she provided a positive role model for staff in her clinical values and ethics.  I found Valentina to always be competent, professional, and ethical in her clinical work. I support her licensure as a mental health counselor with no reservations." -  Carol Flinn-Roberts, MA, LMHC, Supervised Valentina at Wayside Youth & Family Support Network  

“Valentina is able to build rapport with whomever she is working with. She has an amazing sense of empathy and extends herself to research new theoretical models to best support her clients. She is kind, professional and works well with others.”  - Brittani Morris, LCSW, CalWORKs Therapist, Didi Hirsch Community Mental Health Center.  Worked with Valentina at Didi Hirsch Community Mental Health Center in Los Angeles, California


"I have known Valentina for many years as a friend, yoga instructor, and off-the-clock personal therapist.  She is exceptionally insightful, and not afraid to ask the tough questions.  She cares deeply for her clients as well as for her friends.  And best of all, she doesn't preach:  She's not one to tell you what to do, or to pretend she has all the answers.  She has lived life, and learned from it, and helps others do the same.  She's very real."  -  Alyssa Giacobbe, writer and former senior editor for Teen Vogue, Elle, Harper's Bazaar, and Boston Magazine//contributing writer for Women's Health, In Style, and Whole Living, among others. 

" Valentina has proven to effectively incorporate client issues with her therapeutic model and remain unbiased while doing so.  She has demonstrated professionalism in her therapeutic style and in the way she works as a mental health professional.  I commend the manner in which she has dealt with difficult emergency situations, quickly evaluating and assessing the needs, and following through on appropriate reporting and supervision at all levels.  While attending to critical issues presented in a multicultural, diverse population, Valentina has shown her strong ability to remain therapeutic while finding a balance with her goals, representing her clients and eliciting protective measures at this site.  She is able to successfully incorporate a systemic perspective when discussing client issues and treatment plans and presents her cases in a clear and concise manner.  I highly recommend Valentina for future employment.  She is truly an asset to the profession of marital and family therapy."  - Tommie V. Boyd, Ph.D.,  Chair, Department of Family Therapy/ Administrator, Family Systems Health Care Programs at Nova Southeastern University/ President, Florida Association for Marital and Family Therapy

"Valentina is an excellent director, manager and clinician. She is an accomplished leader who has demonstrated the ability to attract and keep talented staff who remain loyal to her. It was a pleasure to work with Valentina and I would enjoy working with her again."  -  Mel Carvalho, consultant, Kalandavis.  Worked directly with Valentina at Wayside Youth & Family Support Network 

"Valentina is exceptionally empathetic, patient and personable.  From early adolescence, she's been a passionate advocate for others and throws herself into everything she does.  She has a natural ability with people and is skilled in understanding the complexities of what motivates them while creative in her approach to guiding them to make good choices.  Her humor and loyalty have been a touchstone in my life."  - Giséle Manole, mother of three, former coworker and In Style Magazine's 2011 Marketer of the Year

"Valentina's approach towards yoga is non-threatening and altogether pleasant. I felt like I could simply "be" and that was enough. It was incredibly refreshing to enter a space where calmness, tranquility and inward exploration were valued. Her soothing voice serves as the perfect soundtrack. I left feeling renewed---as if someone had put the world on pause for a moment and I was able to once again enter it with a renewed sense of purpose.”  - J. Djeke, former client

"I have known Valentina since January of 2001.  I was most impressed with all aspects of her scholarship as well as her personal and professional demeanor.  Valentina is an exceptionally bright and compassionate person who brings great integrity and commitment to her studies.  While she was completing the master's degree in family therapy, she successfully combined graduate study with full-time employment in foster care, clearly taking both endeavors most seriously.  Her thoughtful and articulate contributions in my classes enriched our classroom discussions, and she demonstrated unusual sensitivity to her classmates.  I know Valentina is committed to pursuing a career path that will allow her to make a significant difference in the lives of others, and I have no doubt that she will excel in whatever course of study she chooses.  I recommend her to you most highly."  -  Shelley Green, Ph.D., Professor of Family Therapy at Nova Southeastern University, and author of Quickies:  The Handbook of Brief Sex Therapy