Since 2011, I have run my own private practice based out of Beacon Hill, Boston. I am a licensed mental health counselor specializing in the treatment of anxiety, depression and relationship issues.



my mission

I believe in a unique and customized therapeutic experience for each and every client. Each individual is unique. One-size-fits-all approaches will never help you reach one's full potential. I deliver custom therapy, tailored to you--your unique self, your culture, your self-specific challenges.

The environment is warm and inviting and I felt heard and understood. This is definitely a nonjudgemental practice that offers much more than just a typical therapy session.
— Square One customer review

who i am

I'm a working mom of two and a wife.  My advice has been featured in Boston Magazine, Dr's Oz's The Good Life Magazine, MEDIUM, Well + Good, and Bustle.  I received Boston’s Top 5 LocalBest Counseling Award. I offer a range of therapeutic modalities, all geared to help you reach your full potential.  Whether you're looking for a listening, empathic ear to run some thoughts and ideas by, or looking to go inward to stop repeating the same negative patterns and roadblocks, I will help you tap into your inner wisdom.  

My therapeutic style is warm and inviting. I want you to feel comfortable from the moment you enter my office, and heard and understood by the time you leave.  Utilizing a combination of therapeutic modalities based on my experience, education and training, I will integrate what I feel is best so that you get precisely what you need.

I was trained as a Mental Health Counselor and Marriage and Family Therapist from Nova Southeastern University and The Brief Therapy Institute.  I am also a Yogaworks certified yoga teacher trained to provide yoga philosophy for those seeking a more spiritual therapeutic experience.

biopsychosocial approach

I’ve sought out training in mental health psychology, cognitive behavioral therapy, and holistic psychotherapy because I believe that healing and growth comes from the body and mind. Many traumas, health concerns and illnesses have a significant effect on the psyche; vice versa the mind often has an impact on the body and our health.

I've worked with many different populations in outpatient clinical practice across the United States.  My personal and professional background has given me a respect, sensitivity, and curiosity for all ethnicities, cultures, religions and philosophies.  I have learned that there are fundamentally more similarities than there are differences among us. 

On any given weekend you're likely to find me spending quality time with my family on the South Shore.

On any given weekend you're likely to find me spending quality time with my family on the South Shore.